Folded Brocade Hill

Folded Brocade Hill, towers over the west bank of Li River, is located in southeast Guilin City.

The name of the hill derives from the rocks on the hill which are broken horizontally.
Spots on the hill include Wind Cave, Cloud-Catching Pavilion and Diecai Pavilion and some others.
The hill has many names and tales. It is because there are many rock formations piled up layer on layer that people call the hill Folded Brocade Hill. It is said that the hill used to have many osmanthus trees, so it is also named Osmanthus Hill. The hill covers a land of about 2,000 square km in Guilin City. The hill is with slow slope that people can climb up to the top easily.
Diecai Pavilion on the Folded Brocade Hill offers tourist a place to enjoy the charming view of the scenery surrounded. To the west of the pavilion is a unique garden architecture in the Dong group style. On the top of the hill, the whole Guilin landscape will satisfy your eyes. When the sun goes down, you will have the chance to appreciate the most impressive scenery on the top.