Pingan Zhuang Village

Pingan Zhuang Village is the most famous village located in Longji Scenic Area. There are more than 100 Zhuang ethnic families living in the village. All the families’ first name is “Liao”.
The village is a very typical Zhuang ethnic village which well preserves the costumes and traditional customs of the ethnic group. Almost each family made rich wine in low degree. The wine is a little sweet. Local people called it “Water Wine”. The method of making the wine is very original. Put fermented glutinous rice into a wooden bucket, and put the bucket and steam on a pot. The wine will run out through the bamboo tube which sticking on the bucket.  
What to see
There are two attractions in the village: “Nine dragon and five tigers” and “seven stars accompanying with the moon”.

The first attraction, when you walk along the terrace of the village, you can see nine ridges of the mountain which looks like 9 dragons drinking water from the Jinsha River. Beside the 9 dragons, there are 5 small hills which are 5 tigers protecting the land. 
The scene here in each season is also very beautiful that there is a really a heaven for photographers. In spring, water filling the fields like strings of silver chains among hills; in summer, seedings shows their green color, green waves flowing from the sky; in autumn, the dropping ears of rice promise good harvest; in winter, layers of snows blanket the terraces, making the hills like jade pagodas.
What to eat
There are four treasures in Pingan Zhuang Village: Longji Pepper, Longji glutinous rice, Longji rice wine and Longji tea.