Mt. Gupo National Forest Park

Mountain Gupo National Forest Park is located in the northern Guangxi. Covering an area of 8,000 hectares, this park is consisted of peaks and valleys, forest and animals, waterfalls and rivers. The fresh air and un-developed area is an ideal resort for people to get rid of the noisy city. According to the conclusion from experts, Gupo Mountain National Forest Park is the largest oxygen park in southern China.
In the Gupo Mountain Area, there are 25 mountains more than the 1,000 meters height of sea level. And the highest peak in 1,844 meters is the highest one in eastern Guangxi. Water is running all year around valleys. And the special geography, there are countless cliffs, valleys and waterfalls which will draw extremely magnificent scenes naturally.
♦ What to see in Gupo Mountain
Waterfalls in different sizes and characters, famous ones including Muzi Waterfall, Yuanyang Waterfall, Luohan Waterfall, etc…
Countless species trees such as giant trees stretching to the sky, ancient trees with hundreds of years
More than 1.400 kinds of wild plants and 130 wild animals
♦ What to do
Having a leisure holiday in the resort in this park
♦ Travel Tips:
Transport: A special line bus to the site in Hezhou City, about 50 minutes driving. China Tour Operator also provides private transfer service of your Gupo Mountain tours.
Accommodation: Hotel in Gupo Mountain National Forest Park, also can have camping activity
Dining: It is better to carry food by yourself