Chinese Painting Study

Chinese Painting Study
Chinese Painting Study
Chinese Painting Study
Venue: Traditional Chinese Painting gallery
Itinerary: insert it into Guilin City tour
Duration: 2 hours
Summary: In Guilin, you can study how to use Chinese brush to draw a Chinese painting. This interesting lecture is an exotic experience to know the oriental culture.
Traditional Chinese Painting is famous for its original style and distinctive national features in the world. Over the centuries, the practice of countless artists made it an art deeply rooted and widely accepted. You can find out so many Chinese culture elements in the painting as well the history of China. Today, traditional Chinese painting has been practiced by many people.
What people can see?
*Traditional Chinese paintings
*Four Treasures of the Studio (writing brush, paper, ink stone and ink stick) for Chinese scholar in the past
What people can learn from the lecture?
*Basic skill of Chinese painting
*How to dram a traditional Chinese painting

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