Chinese Tea Culture Experience

Venue: Tea Garden
Itinerary: The garden can be inserted into Guilin city tour.
Duration: about 2 hours
It is the first natural tea productive base in Guangxi Province. It has been famous for expertise training and scientific research in the field of tea science. It has strong expertise in teaching and research in the field of tea science, especially in the research on tea plant genetics and breeding, anti-oxidants from tea plant, development of new tea products and tea related culture. The place was the Royal Tea Garden in Ming Dynasty 400 years ago, and the soil is fertile and rich in trace element. The garden has 300 kinds of tea seed genes from five provinces in southwest China and it is the first organic tea garden in Guangxi.
What people can see here?
*Tea garden scenery
*How tea grows in the garden
*How tea was made
What people can do here?
*Attend tea culture lecture
*Tea pick-up match
Distance form the hotels in the city: 20min drive

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