Yangshuo Cave Exploring

Venue: Countryside in Yangshuo
Duration: Full day
Summary: Yangshuo cave exploring is an attractive activity for those adventures who like outdoor sports and have enough courage as well as guts to challenge and overcome themselves.
Outdoor cave exploring sounds very strange for many people. Because of the special and unique topography surrounding Yangshuo, there are thousands of hills with karst caves. Those developed caves are only a few of them. Therefore, Yangshuo has fairly good geographical conditions to do cave exploring.

Cave exploring is an outdoor sport and activity, which combines hiking, rock climbing, mountain climbing and ziptrack sliding. It is really an adventure to explore and discover a never-visited cave. In a claustrophobic cave, it is common that people will feel nervous and horrible. It really challenges people’s psychological limit. It needs people to have enough courage to overcome themselves. The charming of cave exploring is that you never know what you will see in front of you and what you will find next step. We will prepare rock climbing outfits and lighting equipments. In the whole trip, climbing up and down is the most challenging part. It will challenge your physical fitness and guts, as there aren’t any man-made steps and lights at all. Everything in the cave keeps primitive and natural.

-Pick up from hotel in Yangshuo in the morning and check the climbing outfits and all the necessary equipments.
-Drive to mountainous area and then start hiking to the entrance of the cave
-Upon arriving at the entrance of the cave, the coach will introduce and show how to use the outfits and equipments, how to coordinate and cooperate with the team members, teach the skills about climbing up and down as wells the safety knowledge
-After that, check and make sure enough water and food, then start to get into and explore the cave
-In the afternoon, finish and get out of the cave, then trek down from the hill and back to the car-parking place.
-Drive back to Yangshuo downtown and drop off at your hotel.

◆This activity is only suitable for tourists who have outdoors experience or have taken outdoor rock climbing for at least one time before.
◆It is requested to wear sports shoes, or hiking & climbing shoes
◆It needs to prepare enough water and one simple lunch on your own

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