Yangshuo Kayaking

Venue: Yangshuo Fuli town-Puyi town
Duration: half day
Summary: Yangshuo kayaking attracts thousands of tourist and sports fans to visit Yangshuo, Guilin, where you could enjoy the beautiful landscape and release yourself in the outdoors.

Yangshuo is the heaven of outdoor activities in China with the great natural conditions, unique karst landform and hills as well as the rich and beautiful waters. As one of the outdoor activities, kayaking becomes more and more popular in Yangshuo among tourists recent years. It attracts many domestic and overseas sports or kayaking fans. It is a bit different from Lijiang River Cruise on the way, but you could also enjoy the marvelous view of th river.

Due to the busy waterway on the upper reach of Lijinag River, we arrange you to take the kayaking at the lower reach of the river from Yangshuo, but between Fuli Town and Puyi town. It is suitable to take in the morning or in the afternoon.

Picked up from hotel in Yangshuo, you will be transferred to Fuli Town, which is less than 10 km from Yangshuo County. The kayaking tour starts from Fuli downstream. It is around 18km to Puyi and takes around 2-3 hours. You could choose to have a stop at Liugong Village between both towns for lunch or for rest according to your own energy. The view of this section of Lijiang River is more peaceful, harmonious and also beautiful. You could see old villages, water buffalo, ducks, fisherman, children swimming, women washing clothes when you are rafting along the river.

◆The best time for this tour is from April to early November
◆It depends on the weather and water level. Flood and raining season are not suitable for this tour
◆It will be more interesting if you take this tour with more people than alone
◆It can be combined with your Guilin tour package flexibly.

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