Yangshuo Countryside Bike Tour

Venue: Yangshuo Countryside
Summary: In Guilin Yangshuo, you can experience joys in the countryside by having a cycling sightseeing tour around this place. You will find this is a fairyland to get rid of the pressure in your daily life.
The best way as well as the most economic way to have a Yangshuo countryside sightseeing tour is to have a Yangshuo bike tour. Renting a single-person bike or a twin bike, and then, cycling around the Yangshuo county as well as the countryside. Touring with the picturesque landscape, travelers will experience an impressive tour left in you mind for a long time.
Besides cycling tours in Yangshuo countryside, travelers also can choose electric bike to do sightseeing around. This way is comparatively comfortable than the biking tours.
♦ Biking tour recommended routes:
There are many cycling routes in Yangshuo. Each one can ensure people to see the unique landscape in this leisure place. Here are some classical ones:
► Route 1
Yangshuo County – Big Banyan Tree – Moon Hill – Moon Hill Village – lunch time in local family - Fushan Temple – Yan Village – Tian Jia River – Yangshuo County
Route Distance: about 20km including roads and village routes a round
Route Key Words: classical route, most beautiful natural scenery, fields and buffalos
Level: Moderate level for general physical travellers
► Route 2
Yangshuo County – Gong Nong Bridge – a villa along the river – Yangshuo Mountain Resort – lunch time – Tong Men Stone – Feng Lou Village – Big Banyan Tree – Yangshuo County
Route Distance: about 20km a round
Route Key Words: Big Banyan Tree
Level: Moderate level for general physical travelers
Tips: have the lunch in Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
► Route 3
Day 1: Yangshuo County – Fuli Ancient Town – Che Lang Hill – Xingping
Day 2: Xingping - Stone City – Putao – Yangshuo County
Route Distance: about 60km one way, need two days to finish
Route Key Words: fields
Level: Hard, suitable for professional cycling travellers
1. Xingping – Putao – Yangshou County part is very hard for both cycling travelers and hikers.
2. Lunch time in the first day can be spent in local restaurant near Xingping Pier
3. Accommodating in Xingping and appreciating the second day’s sunrise in Xingping
► Route 4
Yangshuo County – Gong Nong Bridge – Yangshuo Mountain Retreat – Ji Ma – Jiu County – Xian Gua Bridge – Yulong Bridge – Bai Sha Town – Yangshuo County
Route Distance: about 30km a round
Route Key Words: Natural scenery, field scenes, ancient bridges and villages
Level: Hard, but classical route for cycling travelers
1. When cycling along the Yulong River, narrow route may ask travelers to push bikes to go forwards.
2. Jiu County is the location of former Yangshuo County. The well-preserved ancient dwelling residences may be charged
3. Suggested bike with shockproof function

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