Yangshuo Rock Climbing

Venue: Yangshuo
Duration: half day ( in the morning or in the afternoon)
Summary: Yangshuo is the heaven for ourdoor activities and adventure due to the unique topography and rock characeristics. It arrtracts thousands of adventurers to Yangshuo for rock climbing and cave exploring.

Yangshuo is China's rock climbing paradise, because of its special karst topography and rock characteristics. The mountains surrounding Yangshuo do not connect with each other, and most of them are not high above sea level, with tens or hundreds of meters high in the majority. As these hills are mature with clear texture and layers, and is hard limestone rock. Because of Guangxi is a province with rich rainfall all year round, although some rock weathering too serious, the rain washes away the rock surface cleanly, leaving strong and clean cracks and potholes with few gravels. It is praised by foreign authority climbing magazine as "the holy land of climbers created by God." This is not only making the climber’s posture gracefully, but also enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Yangshuo Rock Climbing
Yangshuo has many climbing sites. There are climbing routes suitable for beginners and also climbing routes for professional climbers. The main climber sites are located at both sides of the road from Yangshuo to Gaotian. The transportation is very convenient. Usually you can rent bicycle and ride through the road from Yangshuo to Moon Hill, or take minibus.
Close to Yangshuo, there are many climbing sites around Yangshuo. Nearing Moon Hill, there are climbing sites for beginners. If you have equipments, you can go to the free climbing sites. You can choose one day or one week to close to the natural.
Recommended sites: Big Banyan Tree, Golden Cat Cave, Jiuping Hill, Thumb Peak, Butterfly Spring
Rock Climbing Festival
Each year, in November, there will hold annual Yangshuo Rock Climbing Festival, attracting numerous climbers from all over the world.
1. Basic equipments: belts, drop, a rise, a carabiner, quickly hung (at least 30), 60m Ropes (2-3), helmet and rope several
2. Most of Yangshuo’s climbing routes are above 25 meters, so the length of the rope must be considered well and knot safety rope when climbing
3. Develop good safety awareness. Check climbing equipment whether safety in advance , and wear helmets, as there are lots of gravels at some lines
4. Some summits of the routes rub ropes.
5. Check the brackets before climbing, and it is not recommended to use steel wire brackets
6. Consult local circumstances from local rock club will help you
7. Pay attention to environmental protection. Do not throw rubbish in the gym. Do not take the brackets and lock on the site.
8. Climbers should wear specific climbing shoes, which is 2-3 size smaller than normal shoes to keep your toe bearing stress.

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