Transplant Rice Seeds in Farmland

Venue: Farmland in Yangshuo
Duration: about 1 hour in the farmland
Time: twice a year (first time from April to May, second time in August)
Sumarry: The rice in Chinese eating culture takes a very important role. Expect the happiness of harvest, you can also find lots of funs in transplanting rice seeds.
Being a farmer in the Yangshuo countryside, you will find out the happiness made by your own hands. Transplanting rice seeds in this place, you will immediately find the original funs in your life. The Chinese idiom says, it's glorious for you to have a labour habit. So why not choose to be a one-day farmer in the picturesque Yangshuo.
During you Guilin tour, you can join in this interesting activity by informing us in advance. You should notice that this activity only can be held twice a year according to the farming schedule. We only can arrange this item for a big group with more than 10 people (including 10 people). You should inform us in advance if you would like to join in this activity with the specified conditions.

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