Mud Bath in Yangshuo Water Cave

Venue: countryside in Yangshuo
Duration: half day
Summary: Mud bath in water cave is an unmissable activity in Yangshuo tour. It meets people’s curiosity to explore the cave, and it is leisure but not boring. Visitors could see the natural lime stones and stalagmite in the cave, swim in the clear water and have a bath in the mineral-rich mud.

When you visit to Yangshuo, you cannot miss to explore the water cave with a mud bath. There are several water caves in Yangshuo, but most of them locate nearby Moon Hill, which is about 6km from Yangshuo downtown. Taking a tour to water cave, tourists need boating from the entrance into the cave, then tourists could view the natural stalactites and stalagmite,t, swim in the clear water, in which small fish and shrimp can be seen vividly. You could also play with the mud or have a bath in the mud, which is rich in mineral.

There are some popular water caves in Yangshuo as below,

Longmen Water Cave
Longmen Water Cave is situated in Longmen Village,which is around 10 km away from Yangshuo county. It is a well-known underground water cave. Set off from Yangshuo downtown, visa Big Banyan Tree and Moon Hill and keep driving, you will reach Longmen Water Cave. The cave is 8 km long and 100 meters high, connecting through eight hills. There are 4 tunnels in the cave. The temperature in the cave keeps around 23℃all the year round. Take a boat into the entrance, you will find thousands of stalagmite and stalactite with various shapes, crystal-like pools, terraces, underground waterfall and fairly popular mud bath. A bath in the soft and smooth mud, then a show under clear natural water at the end of the trip, which is really an adventure and unforgettable experience.

Buddha Water Cave
This cave is named Buddha Water Cave because there is a limestone in the cave which looks like a Buddha. It lies in Licun Village. The total length of this cave is around 6 km. In the cave, tourists need to lower their heads and squat while walking in almost half places. In this cave, except a variety of stalagmite and stalactite, you could find the most interesting mud bath and underground hot spring. A trip to Buddha Water Cave will be leisure and comfortable.

◆The best time for a trip to water cave is from April to November
◆It is suitable to combine with your Yangshuo tour package.

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