Yangshuo Moon Hill

Moon Hill stands besides Fenglou Village in Yangshuo’s Gaotian Township. The hill is more than 380m high with a big hole on the top of the mountain which looks like a moon, high and bright, and that is why people call it Moon Peak or Moon Hill.

Seeing from different angle of the Moon Hill, the shape of the hole will change. If you travel by bus, you will see the hole changing from crescent to half moon, full moon, and then waning moon, so amazing. Tourists can also climb up to the big hole through a 800 steps road. The hole is very huge with a length and width both of 50m, but the mountainside is just several meters wide. The top of the hole hangs lots of stalactites in various shapes.
The altitude of the Moon Hill is 1490.3m, lying at the subtropical area with humid and warm climate. There are various species animals and plants with the reputation “warehouse of plant species”