Beer Fish

Yangshuo Beer Fish is one of the most famous local dishes that are popular with people in all over the world. The fresh fish cooked with beer will cause you a good appetite. When traveling in Yangshuo, if you miss to enjoy the beer fish, you may miss a chance to experience the very local Yangshuo eating culture.
♦ Characters of beer fish
A slang in Yangshuo describes the beer fish as “you don’t know how delicious it is until you enjoy it in Yangshuo”. The unique taste attracts thousands of tourists. All of them will phrase this dish and immediately recommend to their friends.
People who eat beer fish first time will be amazed at the crispy fish skin. The crispy skin with delicious sauce will bring diners a brand-new taste. Pepper is the highlight of this dish. If you refuse to eat this dish with pepper, you may regret to eat the essential taste of beer fusg.
Fish to cook in this dish is the selected carps from Li River. Fried by oil producing in north mountainous district in Guilin, and then cooked by beer, the well smelling and taste only can be eaten in Yangshuo. So this dish becomes one of the most attractive points in Yangshuo tourism.
♦ A Story of Beer Fish
It is said that this special local dish was discovered by chance. In the early period, there were a few hotels and restaurants in Yangshuo, what was worse, the facilities were very simple, so most of tourists wouldn't stay in Yangshuo after they got off the boat.
One day, a driver saw the fish was burnt with smoke in the pan, he poured one bottle of beer into the pan without thinking. The people around thought the dish must be over and couldn't be eaten. To their surprise, the dish was so fragrant and soft. From then on, this local dish was spread over every corner.


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