Guilin River Snail

Guilin River Snail is very famous among Guilin people. It is so local characteristic that you can find it every day in the night market and every grade level restaurant in Guilin.
Features of Guilin river snail
Guilin River Snail features in its short round body. The stout snails are mainly living in paddy field or pound. The screw meat in it tastes delicious and it contains abundant protein, Vitamin C and minerals. It also has medical functions like Mingmu and heat-clearing.
Cooking method:
Preparation: Buy back the River Snails and raise them in water in a few days. You could put some salt to the water. Do not forget to change the water everyday. In this few days, the snails will spit their waste and the mud in them will also come out from the shell.
Cooking: When cooking the snails, add salt, ginger, sour bamboo shoots, acid pepper, perilla leaves, etc. You can add the ingredients according to your own tastes. And then, add pig bone soup. Simmer for about 2 hours at low fire. Before eating, you could add garlic, onions and other spices to make the snails taste more flavor.
Eating method:
Use you fingers clenching in the open top of the snail, and sucking. When you are sucking a snail, you can suck out both the soup and the meat in it. The taste is so fresh and a little spicy, typically Guilin appetizing. Some times it may be hard for you to suck out the meat and you could use a bamboo stick to help you pick the meat out.
The left snail soup is the essence of snail, and it could be used for cooking snail flavor noodles.

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