Longze Tea & Drink House

ADD: In front of the Gate of Seven Star Park, Guilin
Cuisine Type: Tea Banquet (dishes cooking with tea)
15 tables on the first floor
Private hall on the second floor
Bookshelves with interesting books

Longze Tea & Drink House is a restaurant situated in front of the entrance of Seven Star Park in Guilin. Convenient location and pleasant surroundings make diners enjoy their meal time here. The green restaurant sigh and the white wall with beautiful Guilin landscape as the background give people a leisure impression from the outside. The restaurant features the wooden-made decoration with bright color tone inside.

There are two floors in this restaurant. The first floor can set about 15 tables, while the second floor is divided into some private halls. When dining in the first floor, diners can choose an interesting book when have a meal in this restaurant because there are some bookshelves setting in the dining hall. When dining in the second floor, guests can have a comparatively quiet and private room.

Cuisine in Longze Tea & Drink House emphasizes the Chinese tea culture. The tea banquet (cuisines cooking with tea) is popular among foreign guests as well as local people. Dishes served in this restaurant also melt the Guilin local culture. Each dish is titled with an interesting name that related to the famous landscape or scene in Guilin.

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