Fulongxuan Restaurant

Add: located in Guilin Mulong Lake Park

Fulongxuan Restaurant is located in the Guilin Mulong Park. It just takes few minutes to the Fulong Restaurant after people entering into the gate of this park. Beautiful natural sceneries along the road are presented to people all the time. It is a pleasure thing to have a walk around the Fulong Restaurant after a delicious meal.
Fulongxuan Restaurant is a three-floor Chinese style architecture. 45 tables can be set on the first floor, 11 tables in the second floor, and the private boxes are set on the third floor. When having meals on the first floor, people can enjoy performances such as Chinese instruments performance and elegant singing and dancing.
Tastes of the cuisines in Fulongxuan Restaurant are different from the typical Guilin hot taste. Focus on the fresh materials and mild taste, dishes served here combine of Chinese and western styles. Diners from different countries may found their hometown dishes in Fulongxuan Restaurant when have meals here.


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