Guilin Sticky Rice Cake

Guilin Sticky Rice Cake, also named Guilin Watering Sticky Rice Cake, is a specialty snack in Guilin. The main material of this popular snack in Guilin is sticky rice. It is a kind of health food that worth to taste for tourists in Guilin travel.
How to make the Guilin Sticky Rice Cake
The sticky rice is carefully selected with good quality. Steam the sticky rice until it is done and then paste the rice with crabstick heavily. Paste it until the rice looks like cotton. And then take the rice out and make it into little round cakes to experience airing. Then, you can steam it in steaming basket.

Features of the Sticky Rice Cake
There are fine bean mashes, lotus paste, sesame osmanthus flower sugar or other food filled inside the sticky rice cake. The cake looks pure white, tastes fine and chewy. If the cakes are just done with some white sugar or bean powder on them, they would be more delicacy.

How to Eat:
There are various ways to eat the sticky rice cake. You could toast it on charcoal fire, and when it is done you can put some sugar on it. You can also cook it with oil or chop it into more pieces and cook it with sugar water. No matter sweet flavor or salted favor are very delicious.

If the Sticky Rice Cake kept in clean and fresh water, it can be preserved for more than one month in winter. Do not forget to change the water.
Tourists in their Guilin tour often choose to have a taste of the Guilin Sticky Rice Cake. There is no reason for travelers to forget the Guilin snacks when travel in Guilin. Guilin snacks is delicious and various. Travelers in Guilin always miss the snacks in Guilin as they are very tasty. Therefore, if you come to Guilin, do not forget to have a try of the Guilin Sticky Rice Cake.

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