Guilin Chili Sauce

Guilin Chili Sauce is one of the specialties of Guilin with hundreds of years’ history. Guilin Chili Sauce is a name card of this landscape city in eating culture field. The unique chili sauce that only produced in Guilin enjoys an international fame for a long time. People in Guangxi as well as other parts of southeastern Asia like this taste very well.
Ranked as one of the top three treasures in Guilin with Sanhua Sprit and Preserved Tofu (also known as Chinese cheese), Guilin chili sauce is made of fresh chili, garlic and fermented soybeans; it also is marketed as soy chili sauce (la jiao jiang and la dou ban jiang are not the same thing, though they look vaguely similar in the jar).
♦ Taste and Functions of Guilin Chili Sauce
► Taste: Spicy
Most of Guilin chili sauces are in spicy taste. According to spicy degrees, this sauce can be generally divided into mild spicy, moderate spicy and extremely spicy.
► Functions:
1. Helping to cool down: the spicy sauce will sweat you so that you may feel cooler after this process
2. Make you have a good appetite: the smell of chili will cause you a good appetite. And the chili will help to digest food in your stomach
3. Help to reduce fat: chili will help you to promote the cycling of body so that fat could not be left in you body for a long time.

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