Paper Umbrellas

Try to image that during the misty Guilin, a beauty is holding a paper umbrella and standing on the wooden bridge. This fantastic picture may cause you to press the shutter immediately without hesitation. In you have ever seen some Chinese paintings which describe the beauty in Suzhou and Hangzhou as the main topic, the necessary thing which was held in her hand is the paper umbrella.
Paper umbrella makes Guilin as an idyllic city. With a history of 400 years of making paper umbrellas, Guilin Paper umbrella may serve as a good gift with its high quality and attractive styles. If you decide to visit Guilin in spring period especially the time of Pure and Bright Day, this paper umbrella will be an ideal tool for you to take photos when you do your Li River cuise. The paper umbrella with the Chinese painting landscape is a perfect match in your Guilin pictures.

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