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Guilin comb, original in Tang Dynasty, had a history of more than 1000 years. Going through the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties to the modern era, Guilin comb has developed and improved, becoming one of the leading brand products in Guangxi. Guilin comb keeps its traditional craftsmanship and absorbs the modern element at the meantime. On the combs you can find the Guilin landscapes caving on them with fine handwork, simple and elegant. The combs in Guilin can be divided into 4 basic types: bamboo comb, bone comb, angle comb and boxwood comb.
Bamboo comb: the bamboo comb in Guilin uses the Nan bamboo in local area as the raw materials, later refined the materials and succeeding. The bamboo comb is featured by its pliable and tough, durable and sturdy comb tooth and its elegant appearance. This kind of combs sells well both at home and board.
Bone comb: In Qing Dynasty, based on the bamboo comb, bone comb was invented. Different form bamboo comb, the bone comb is made from the bone of ox. The material is tougher than bamboo. Carved with hills, birds of Guilin’s scenery, the comb looks very beautiful.
Angle comb: The raw material of the angle comb is the horns of ox and sheep. The workmanship was also originated from the bamboo comb’s workmanship in Ming Dynasty. To the Qing Dynasty, the skill of making angle comb reached a higher level, especially the sheep angle comb. The sheep angle comb is tough and transparent with lovely lines. Good angle comb is comfortable to the touch, thick and solid and do not rise electrostatic. Comb you hair every day will keep you in good health.
Box wooden comb: Boxwood comb are made from the famous and rare boxwood. The comb actor should be good at the selection of the raw materials, caving technique and how to decorate the combs. Depending on the sizes and shapes, there are carp comb, bamboo-section comb, semicircle comb, pig-heart shape comb and so on. It was praised by loyal nobles since Qing Dynasty and was benefit that “the comb of palace ". Use the boxwood combs do up your hair will help you keep in good health.

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