Guilin Stone Sculpture

Guilin stone sculpture has developed early since the Tang Dynast. On the cliffs of North Hill, Fupo Hill, Deicai Hill in Guilin, there are more than 500 stone figures of Buddha which providing reference for today’s stone sculptures in Guilin.
Guilin stone sculpture are mainly made out from of the Dongxing stone and Luchuan stone in Guangxi. Lochuan Stone has the colors of ink green, emerald, bright green which similar to the translucent jade. Dongxing Stone is smooth, beautiful, colorful and pure, which is comparable to the beauty of Shoushan Stone. The above 2 materials are good for stonework. Sculptors carefully select the material; create new design of the stone sculptures. Thought the handwork of the sculptors, strikingly beautiful and vivid Guilin landscape, flowers, lifelike animals and Buddha are presented in front of visitors.

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