Yangshuo Painted Fan

Yangshuo painted fan is a romantic good. Made of either silk or paper with bamboo as the fan support, paint fans are delightfully delicate and colorful. Contents painted in this fan usually include birds, flowers, insects and traditional Chinese girls. It is range in size from small to large.
In ancient time, Chinese literators who were good at writing articles or poems would like to hold a painted fan on their hands. It took as a symbol of handsome as well as gentle of them. Sometimes a painted fan can be a symbol of identification. If you had a fan which was sent by the emperor, you may be in a higher position in the social.
Nowadays, these painted fans become interesting goods rather than symbols of the social positions. Small one can be a tool to get rid of hear during the hot days. Some of the large ones can be used as the very elaborate wall decorations in your house.

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