Guilin Sanhua Spirit

Made from rice and Chinese yeast, Guilin Sanhua Alcohol has a long history since the Guilin Sanhua Brewery was established in Song Dynasty. It was only served in the royal family at first. Nowadays, this old brand production is available throughout the area.

The wine adopted the name "Sanhua" (means three flowers) for the fact that it should be brewed three times before the final products. This liqueur is transparent and has a mellow and fragrant taste, but also a good kick! It may be an excuse to drink more Sanhua Alcohol that locals say the spirit improves blood circulation!.

Guilin Sanhua Alcohol represents a culture of this city. It shows the hospitality of the locals. The pure and well-smell liquid is made from the water in Li River. Sanhua Alcohol is a 100% Guilin specialty only can be bought in this picturesque place. When having a cup of Sanhua Alcohol, you may immediately be a fan of this exotic drinking.

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