Landscape Paintings

Landscape Paintings in Guilin are more fantastic than that in rest part of China because of the real picturesque landscape in this city. Guilin possesses the splendid natural landscape. It provides many materials for those artists to paint with green hills and clean rivers. Many famous painters including Xu Beihong, Huang Binhong, Li Ketan and Bai Xueshi have used Guilin's unique scenery as inspiration for their masterpieces.
Chinese paintings have enjoyed the international fame for decades. And among them, Chinese landscape paintings rank the top of them. Any picture can not instead of the artistic conception in the landscape paintings of Guilin. Besides appreciating the value of this painting, watching the making process Guilin landscape painting is another interesting thing. You will find artists not copying what they are seeing totally, sometimes they prefer to describe their imagination which is caused by this scenery. When you finish your Guilin tour, do not forget to carry a piece of landscape painting so you can remind this fantastic city when you have a look of it.

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