Guilin Travel Highlights

What the highlight is in Guilin is the question which most tourists traveling to Guilin are concerned. Top Guilin Travel introduce the highlights of Guilin in this article to help you with an unforgettable Guilin tour.

Li River Cruise

Li River is the Mother River of Guilin. Its starts from Mt. Miao’er in Xing An County, passing through Guilin City, downstream to Yangshuo. Li River is one of the most famous attractions in Guilin. Therefore, cruise along Li River is the highlight activities for tourists traveling to Guilin. Cruising on this river, you will harvest many fantastic pictures of the Guilin tour. No matter from any angle to take photos with the landscape, you will be satisfied with the splendid scenery in the pictures. The Essence of Li River Cruise is from Yangdi to Xingping.

Li River

Reed Flute Cave

As a famous scenic spot, Reed Flute Cave boasts a magic fairyland of stalagmites, stalactites, curtains, flowers and stone columns, which are in various shapes and color.The name of the cave derives from the verdant reeds growing round it, and it is said that the flute made from such reeds can produce pleasing music, hence the name. It is regarded as the representative spot of the karst landform in this area.

Reed Flute Cave

Elephant Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill
is located on the conjunction of the Peach Blossom River and the Li River which is a famous spot as well as the badge of Guilin City. The name of the hill derives from the shape of the hill which looks like an elephant drinking water with its long trunk. The hill is a masterpiece of karst landscape in Guilin. It is a pure limestone which lay on seabed 360,000,000 years ago.

Elephant Trunk Hill

Two River & Four Lake Cruise

Two Rivers and Four Lakes is a tour project which integrates all the famous attractions in Guilin City. Two Rivers refers to Li River and Peach Blossom River, while Four Lakes indicates Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake and the Mulong Lake. This tourism projection is the largest-scaled project in the history of Guilin. The project makes Guilin a real gardening city.

Two Rivers Four Lakes Cruise

Jingjiang Prince’s Mansion and Solitary Beauty Peak

The Jingjiang Princely Mansion is located in Guangxi Normal University, at the center of Guilin city. In 1370, the first Ming Emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang, made his grandson Zhu Shouqian, the Jingjiang Prince, to administrate Guilin. The mansion was built in five years and the city had been constructed for 26 years. Solitary Beauty Peak, or Duxiu Peak, is standing in the Mansion of Jingjiang Princely in Guilin downtown. The peak has long been reputed as “Southern Sky Pillar” since ancient times. It will be very good panoramic view of Guilin from the top of Solitary Beauty Peak.

JIng Prince's Mansion

Seven Star Park

Seven Star Park is the largest park covering an area of 134 hectares situated on the east bank of the Li River. Major spots in the park include Camel Hill, Seven Star Cave, Flower Bridge, Crescent Hill, Putuo Hill, Guihai Stele Forest and others.

Seven Star Park

Fubo Hill Park

Fubo Hill is located in the northeast Guilin City. It is well-known as the "Wonderland on Wave" as its foot is half in water of Li River and half on land. The Hill also named Wave-Curbing Hill hence the cave on the east foot of the hill curbs the river stream and forming a deep pool. There is a garden at the south foot of the Fubo Hill. The garden is a quite interesting place with full of bamboos, palm trees and flower.

Fubo Hill