Yangshuo Festivals

Yangshuo She Festival
Time: during the second and the eighth lunar month of Chinese calendar
Venue: villages and townships in Yangshuo
Activities: She Festival is the date for whorshipping Buddha. It is an important festival in the mind of Yangshuo people. In Yangshuo, the festival is actually the party of men, also named eating festival. It is a folk mutual help association organization, passing down for hundreds of years.
Mid-July Days, or Ghost Festival
Time: the 15th Day of the seventh lunar month
Venue: Yangshuo
Actives: Yangshuo people usually call the festival “Ghost Festival”, which is a folk festival for honoring ancestors. Every family will invite their ancestors to their home at the 8th day of the seventh lunar month, and worship them until the 15th Day of the seventh lunar month, and then send them back, with burning paper money, candles and incense.
Each year, in this festival, people will eat Baba, which named “Dog Tongue Ba”, which has passed for hundreds of years.
Zhuang Minority Folk Songs Festival
Time: on Mid-Autumn Day (the 15th of the eighth lunar month)
Venue: Moon Hill
Activities: Each Mid-Autumn Day, all the Zhuang Villages will sing folk songs and play flute. People take villages as units, 3 or 5 groups of young people get together. They first play music with leaves. According to the temperament of Zhuang, they play with leaves one song by one song, aiming at finding the suitable singer and forming tacit understanding. When they find the other singer, they use songs to express the affection of each other. Many Zhuang grils and boys find their lover during the folk song festival.
Yangshuo Fishing Festival
Time: In every Oct.
Venue: Li River bank
Activities: In the Li River, the water is clear, and the fish can be seen and even counting out. It is the parodies of cormorants which is fed by fish. Cormorant fishing is a folk fishing way at night in Yangshuo.
During the festival, fishermen paddle their bamboo rafts, using nets to surround the fish, and let cormorants to get the fish. Hundreds of cormorants fly into the river and get the fish, which is a very magnificent scene. 
West Street International Beer Festival
Time: end of a year, or the beginning of the year, at night
Venue: Yangshuo West Street
Activities: Through the bear festival is a full of western courtiers flavor, as the global village, Yanghsuo West Street is an ideal place to held the festival.
The first beer festival was held in Yangshuo West Street on Dec. 31. During the festival, there will be performances of folk arts of each country. People drink bear, dancing with the rock music. There are also Carton performances, funny competitions and other activities.