The Popular Local Restaurants in Guilin

Guilin is a dwelling area for minorities. The different diet features form distinct food culture. The Guilin local food tastes simple and natural, pure and delicious. Guilin local food is worth a try. This article is going to introduce some popular local restaurant to those who travel to Guilin.

Chunji Roasted Goose (椿记烧鹅)
Chunji Roasted Goose Restaurant is one of the popular restaurants in Guilin, where locals like to have meals or arrange banquet. Roasted goose is a special dish in this restaurant. Besides, people also have many local foods here. There are several branches in the city for you to have meal conveniently.

Chunji Restaurant

Aomen Jiujia (澳门酒家)
Aomen Jiujia starts from 1994. Aomen refers to Macau. It is named macau because one of its founders is from Macau. They named this restaurants “Aomen” to show his love for Macau. Besides, this restaurants mainly ran Cantonese food before. It adds many Guilin local food into its menu later. This is an economic restaurant for locals and tourists to have meal and meet friends. There are more than 5 branches in Guilin.

Zhoucheng (粥城)
Zhoucheng is another popular restaurant in locals. Various porridges are the special food here, such as seafood porridge, boneless fish porridge, meat porridge, ect. Zhoucheng is also a good place for night snack with friends. Besides, Guests could also order other dishes as well. Good location just beside Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel, but the expense is not high.

MaiXiangfang Restaurant (麦香坊)
Mai refers to wheat, Xiang mean fragrant and Fang refers to a small but cozy room.
This restaurant is decorated traditionally, culturally and cozily. Chinese food meets many foreigners’ flavor. It is also said this is a Northern food restaurant. Anyway, locals also like the food. Sautéed Shredded Pork in Sweet Bean Sauce is one of its specialties. Wrap the meat with bean curd skin to eat. This is one of the popular food in this restaurant.

Xiao Nan Guo (小南国)
Xiao Nan Guo Restaurant is a good place for you to taste the most local food. Delicious local dishes, comfortable condition as well as economic consumption attract many locals and tourists every day. When you go to this restaurants, do not forget to try its roasted duck, sweet taro in honey sauce, Braised Pumpkin with Egg Yolk, Taro looped meat, ect which are all the popular food in the restaurant.