Where to Play Golf in Guilin

As a leisure tourism city in China, Guilin is well-known for its comfortable natural condition. Many domestic and foreign visitors are attracted to travel here. Except the natural view, tourists who like playing golf also have chance to play golf in such a pretty city. We are going to introduce you where you can play golf when you travel to Guilin.

Merryland Golf Club

Golf Clubs

►Merryland Golf Club Guilin

Merryland Golf Club is located in Xing An County on the North part of Guilin. The golf course is American mountain course, covering an area of 160 hectares with 36 holes. The golf course at Merryland is tailor-made according the beautiful natural view. The fairway is 7073 yards in total, even par 72. This golf club opens from 06:00-20:00. It is at moderate price. Guests need to pay green fee, caddie fee and cart fee. If you rent golf clubs and shoes, you need to pay extra. 

►Guilin Shanshui Golf Club

Guilin Shanshui Golf Club is the first golf club in Guangxi since 1996. It is located in the suburbs of Guilin, at the foot of Yaoshan Mountain. The fairway is 7235 yards in total, even par 72 with 18 holes. It opens from 07:00 to 20:00. This price for this club is a bit higher. 

►Guilin Lijiang Golf Club

Guilin Lijiang Golf Club is located near to Zhujiang Cruise Terminal, 17 km from downtown of Guilin. It covers an area of 400 acres. It is designed as a 18 holes golf course according to international standard. The fairway is 7150 yards in total, even par 72. It opens at 06:00-19:00. The cost for playing golf in this golf course is lower compared to the above 2 clubs.

Guilin Shanshui Golf Club

Golf Driving Range

►Dongjing City Golf Club

Dongjiang City Golf Club has driving range practice area, putting practice area and bunker practice area. It opens every day from 08:00 to 23:00. Clients need to pay for club and ball rent. It is just located in the city center with convenient transportation. 

►Biyun Golf Driving Range

This driving range is just located at the suburbs, just near to the crossing between Jiangan Road and Don Er Huan Road. The fairway is about 30 yards long and 180 yards wide. It opens from 08:30 to 22:00. Clients need to pay for club and ball rent. 

►Jinzhongshan Golf Driving Range

This golf driving range is a bit special. It is a driving range, but also a mini 18-hole golf course. There are 20 fairways for driving range. It opens all the day. It is located in Jinzhongshan Scenic Area in Yongfu County, Guilin. Except driving range, clients can also visit to the nearby scenic sites, such as the sinkhole, Yonghu Cave Scenic Area. Besides, clients can choose to have a water spa at Yongfu Hot Spring Resort.

A golf trip to Guilin will make your Guilin tour a bit different and more unforgettable. Therefore, if you like playing golf and happen to travel in Guilin, do not hesitate to play a round of golf.