What to do in Longji Rice Terraces

Longji Terraces Scenic Area is one of the most famous place for tour in Guilin. It is located on the slop of Longji Hill in Ping An Zhuang Village in Longsheng County, which is about 80 km from Guilin. When you decide to visit Longji Terraces Scenic Area, you will want to know what to do there. That is the aim of this article.

Longji Rice Terrace

►Feast yourself with the fascinating natural view

Longji Terraces are divided into 2 sections. One is Jinkong Terraces surrounding Dazhai Yao Village and the other is Ping An Terraces around Ping An Zhuang Village. Generally speaking, people visit to Ping An Terraces, which were developed earliest in this area since 800 years ago. Both sections of the terraces have the fascinating view with terraces fields tier upon tier on the slopes of the mountains, green or golden decorated with the unique wooden houses and locals in colorful national costumes working in the fields. It seems like a oil painting.
This is the highlight of the tour to Longji Terraces. You can not stop pressing the shutter of your camera when you are there.

►Explore the minority life and culture

Longji Terraces are located in the community of ethnic groups, where tourists could find Zhuang and Yao people. They have their unique custom and culture from every aspect. When you travel to Longji Terraces, you will have chance to have a family visit to the local ethnic family, chatting with them, exploring their life, custom and culture, such as their special and traditional dressing, spinning and weaving, singing and dancing, ect.
Yao people

►Enjoying Folk Performances

The Folk Performances show the habits and local customs of Yao people. In the each village there has performances, but be sure to ask whether it charges before watching. When watching the performance, there are grandpas or grandma distributes free tea and Baba. The Baba has two flavors: sweet and salty. In Huangluo Yao Village, you can watch impressive performances and Red Yao woman with long hair.
Admission: 50 Yuan/ Person, if you are a group, you may get 30 Yuan/Person
Opening hrs: individuals should wait for groups come to watch the show
►Hot Spring Spa

There is a hot spring resort nearby Longsheng County. It takes about 1.5 hours from Longji Terrace Fields by driving. It could be a good choice to relax yourself after a day hiking around Longji Terraces.
There are a total of 16 shares of hot springs in Longshen Hot Spring. The water flows out from the side of the mountain rock crevices. Among them, the Jinmi Pool and Qingyi Pool are the hottest spring pool that people could not stand for 5mins. The comfortable temperature one is the Youran pool, relatively quiet. In addition the pool with over 50 herbs is also very popular. The kiss fish pool is also very comfortable.

Longsheng Hot Spring