The Best Season to Visit Guilin

Guilin is located in Northeast part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in South China. The annually average temperature is around 20 ℃. The coldest month is January and the temperature is around 7℃. The hottest months should be July and August, which are in mid-summer. The temperature is around 32 ℃. Even though, Guilin is a city remaining green throughout the year. Therefore, Guilin is suitable to visit all seasons.

When is the best season to visit Guilin?
The best season to visit Guilin is from spring to autumn (April to October), in which the May Day Holiday (1st week of May) and National Day Holiday (1st week of October) are the peak seasons. If your traveling dates are flexiable, we suggest you avoid national holidays.  

It goes to spring in March in Guilin. Although it feels a bit cold in early spring, everything is full of vitality. Peach and pear flowers start to blossom and the trees sprout. Although it sometimes drizzles in spring, it will not influence on your Guilin tour, but you need to bring an umbrella with you if you choose to travel to Guilin in this season.

When tourists travel to Guilin in early spring, except the highlight Li River cruise tour, they could choose to watch different flower blossoms. For example, go to Longji Terrace Field (Jinkeng) to enjoy the rape flower in the early March; go to Yangshuo to take a biking tour along Yulong River where you also could see patches of rape flower fields in early March; or go to Gongcheng County to enjoy the local Peach Flower Blossom Festival with minority activities in March.

April and May are the best months to travel to Guilin because it becomes warm. From the middle of April, farmers in Longji Terrace Field Scenic Area start to irrigate the fields. It is the best time for those tourists who like photography to take pictures there. They could take many good pictures with very good light and shadow effects in the terrace fields. In Guilin and Yangshuo, all the classic activities can be arranged, such as Li River Cruise, seeing the best Guilin scenery with misty rain, Yangshuo countryside tour and Yulong River bamboo rafting, ect.

June, July and August are the main rainy season in Guilin. They are also the hottest months in Guilin. When you plan to visit Guilin in hot and humid summer, do not forget to prepare rain gears, such as umbrella, raincoat. Sometimes, the Li River cruise, Impression show and Yulong River bamboo rafting might be influenced by heavy rain and flood in this season. Although it is not the best season to visit Guilin, it is also suitable to travel to Guilin this period.

Autumn is another high peak of tourism in Guilin with pleasant weather, sunny and less train. When you visit to Longji Terrace Fields between the ends of September and the middle of October, you could see the prettiest view of terrace fields because the rice becomes golden in the fields. If you travel to Guilin this season, you will be impressed by the wonderful view, cruise along Li River, clean water, clear and blue sky with some white clouds, small green hills and bamboo reflecting in the water. It is just like a landscape painting.

The low season in Guilin is from the end of November to next February, when is the coldest season. Even though, Guilin’s scenery is not as desolate as that in North China. It is easy to find the green and red places in Guilin. If you are lucky, you could see snow in Guilin. If it is cold enough, tourists could see rime-ice on the trees on the top of Mt. Yaoshan and Mt. Maoer in Xing An County.

The best time to travel in Guilin is spring and autumn, but tourists could see different best landscapes when they visit to Guilin in different time.

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