The Best Biking Route in Yangshuo

When you travel to Yangshuo, you will find groups of tourists riding bicycle in the street or countryside paths, with knapsack, enjoying the pretty countryside view in the comfortable sunshine. Biking is a good way to see the beauty of Yangshuo. If you have enough time, you can rent a bicycle, riding from village to village and visit all the scenic spots surrounding Yangshuo. I believe you will have an unforgettable trip in Guilin.

Biking in Yangshuo

Where to rent a bicycle?

It is not hard to rent bicycle in Yangshuo. Many shops in West Street and small hotels or inns offer bike rent service. It costs around CNY15-20 per bike per day. Tourists have various choices on the bicycle, common type or racing type. You can find the bikes of different brands, such as Giant, Sanyo, Berthier, ect.
Choosing a suitable and good bike is important for a biking tour. The Best bicycle in Yangshuo should be Battle, which has yellow and red surface with larger tyre. Merida is second to Battle, which is uncommon in Yangshuo. Merida bicycle is light. The third one is Giant, whose tyre is a bit small and suitable for female. There are also many old domestic bicycle brands, such as Yongjiu, Feige, Fenghuang, ect, which are all very good.

Yangshuo Biking Tour

Suggested Biking Routes

Top China Trave recommends some good biking route as below for your reference. If you are not confident enough to do the biking tour on your own, we suggest you hire a local to be your guide, which costs about CNY100 per day. 

►Route A: Yangshuo County – Baisha Town – Yulong River Shanquanju – Yulong Bridge (Smiling Fish Guesthouse) – Along Yulong River downstream – Big Banyan Tree – Moon Hill – Yangshuo County

Details: Departing from Yangshuo County, you ride along the road to Guilin for about 9 km to Baisha Town, where you need to turn left. Keep riding for appro 2 kms, arrive Yulong Bridge. You will see the green hills piling in distance, clear water in Yulong River, ancient stone bridge over the river, women washing vegetables or clothing at the bank, which consists of a landscape painting. Continue riding along Yulong River downstream along the country path, some part of which is a bit bumpy. During this trip, you could have lunch at local farmhouse restaurant in the way. Arriving at Gongnong Bridge, you need turn right to drive for a while to reach Big Banyan Tree and Moon Hill. After the tour, drive back along the driveway to Yangshuo County.

Distance: around 30 km (about 3-4 hours)

Ride Bicycle in Yangshuo

►Route B : Yangshuo County - Tianjiahe Village - Aishan Village - Moon Hill - Yangshuo County

Details: Ride from Yangshuo southward for 1 km and then turn left at the 1st intersection. You need to find a nameplate “矮山”. You will turn left at the 1st crossing and ride to the bank of Li River. Ride along the River to the bridge, which is Aishan Bridge. Cross the bridge and ride for a while, you will turn right to Aishan Village. Ride through the village and continue along the country path to driveway, where you should turn left to Moon Hill, which is about 1 km away. Then ride along the driveway back to Yangshuo.

Distance: 20 km (about 2-2.5 hours)

Biking along Yulong River Yangshuo

►Route C: Yangshuo County – Yangshuo Bridge – Tianjiahe Village- Liugong Village-Yongcun Village-Moon Hill and Big Banyan Tree-Yangshuo County

Details: Depart from Yangshuo County, you ride to Yangshuo Bridge, from which you need to down to the country path along Li River. Ride along Li River downstream to Tianjiahe Village. You could overlook Shutong Hill. Keep riding along the river to Liugong Village. The view of this part of Li River is charming. Some tourists also take kayaking in this part. You need to keep ride about 15 km from Liugong Village to Moon Hill and Big Banyan Tree. Therefore, you are suggested to have a rest at the farmhouse restaurant in Liugong Village for a lunch. Ride along the driveway back to Yangshuo after visit to Big Banyan Tree.

Distance: appro 50 km (5-6 hours)

Biking in Yangshuo Countryside

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