What to buy in Longji Rice Terraces

What to buy in Longji Rice Terraces
Nowadays, handicraft selling is one of the main economic pillars of Yao Village. There are handicrafts sells along the paths and roads in Longji Rice Terraces. The price on hill may be higher then the foot of hill.
Longji Four Treasures
Tea, hot pepper, watery wine and fragrant glutinous rice are the four treasures of Longji Rice Terraces. Longji fragrant glutinous rice could be made into watery wine, very sweet and tasty. Longji hot pepper has a strong unique fragrant. Longji watery has the reputation of “Longshen Maotai”
►Longji Tea
Longji Tea grows at the on the altitude above 800m. As belongs to subtropical monsoon zone, the four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, high organic content, short sunshine, temperature, large, year-round water gurgling, misty, sunny day and evening tea everywhere, groaning mountain rain cloud, without any unique pollution growth environment, the formation of clouds and mountains quality tea ideal place. Dragon has a long history of tea, Qianlong was a tribute mean, good quality, is one of twenty-eight Chinese teas.
►Longji Watery Wine
Longji Watery Wine is authentic local wine. The pure watery liquor is made from normal juice of the finest glutinous rice. The wine sealed with homemade brewing with sweet spring.
►Longji Pepper
Longji Pepper grows in the high altitude of 800 meters above the foggy cloudy regions. It mainly grows in the mountains of Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Area. The pepper is in brightly color, rich seeds and thick-skinned, spicy scent of pure with unique flavor. It is a unique and good seasoning.
►Longji Fragrant Glutinous Rice
Longji Fragrant Glutinous Rice is the main material for making Longji Watery Wine.
Ethnic Crafts
Longji ethnic handicrafts are mainly Yao handmade embroidery, batik, silverware based, almost every family has the handicrafts to sell, good work. Red Yao embroidery crafts as well as scarves, flower belt, silver jingle hat, Zhuang hydrangea, shoes, embroidery insole. Inexpensive, can be a bargain, some handmade little bargaining can not readily suitable for a souvenir or gift.