When to Visit Longji Rice Terraces

May, June, September, October are the best time to visit Longji R Best time to visit Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Area
ice Terraces. Each year from mi-May, it is the time of drawing off water of the Longji Rice Terraces. During this period, the scenery here is the most beautiful, especially before rice transplanting. In the sunlight, the water in the field is shining and dazing. Most of the excellent photos of Longji Rice Terraces are shooting during this period. In Oct., when the rice ripen for half a month, the whole rice terraces become golden, and wave with the wind. 
Characters of the Scenery
Mid-April to middle to late June: period for drawing off water and rice transplanting. You can see the water in the early spring.
Mid-July to Mid-Sep.: the period of growing of the rice. There are full of green, very lively.
Mid-Dec. to Mid-Feb.: the Longji Rice Terraces is all white. However, the time of snow is not fixed, if you lucky you will see the beautiful snow scenery.
March: the canola flowers blossom very well, golden in the sunlight.
What to wear
From May to June, it is rain season, wet, through the temperature is about 32 degree centigrade. As humidity is great, hot rainy season, it is best to wear clothes with a cool cloth heat. July-August is the summer season, attention to the sun. Lower mountain temperatures, even in summer, climb covered in sweat, but calm down after half an hour will feel cool, the proposed constitution with a long-sleeved little weak, to prepare for contingencies. Terraced Fields need to worry about problems in the Snake, taking a little anti-mosquito medicine.