What to Buy in Yangshuo

Xingping Wooden shoes
Xingping wooden shoes are unique Xingping woodworking products, which is the essence wooden shoes in Yangshuo. The material used is hard wood, which is very suitable for people wearing at home. Wearing long-term, the shoes could treat dermatophytosis, foot worm and other diseases.
Yangshuo Painted Fans
Yangshuo painted fans is very particular in choosing materials. It has sophisticated technology. It paints landscape of Guilin, Yangshuo scenery, flowers and birds, horses, wild beasts, and other kinds of ancient and modern ladies costume themes. The fans are painted by farmers and hand-drawn.
Persimmon is one of Guangxi traditional exports, which have a history of 400 years of cultivation and processing. Yangshuo persimmon has good appearance, bright color, large and thin skin, flesh and seedless. The crisp and delicious sweet persimmon is very popular. Persimmon after processing and brewing is treatable of hematochezia and cough, and also has a certain effect on hepatitis patients.
Yangshuo Chestnuts
Yangshuo is the largest chestnut production county in Guangxi, with the highest annual output of 1,200 tons. Red Chestnut in the best quality chestnut mainly produced in Yangshuo Pingdongkou, Guban and other places. Its peal is black dark with glossy sheen. It quality and heavy, plump, flesh sweet and good taste with a fragrance. It usually uses for cooking food and commonly used in Zongzi, steamed rice cakes, eight-treasure rice pudding​, stew meat, etc.. Sand frying chestnuts are very delicious with special sweet incense.
Yangshuo Chilli Sauce
Yangshuo Chili Sauce is the most favorable seasoning for Yangshuo people, also is one of the "Guilin Three Treasures." The main raw materials are fresh peppers, fermented blank bean and garlic. The materials should be carefully selected and manufacturing process is unique. The chili sauce can be found in Yangshuo streets and roadside stalls.