Yangshuo Travel Tips

Best Time to Travel to Yangshuo
The best time to visit Yangshuo is from Apirl to October. At the late May, Yangshuo will enter rain season, and the water lever of Li River will rise. The water runs fast and is muddy, which is not a good time to see the reflection. However, it is cool at this time, and you can see the misty Li River. At July and August, the rain season ends. The water is clear. But the temperature is high, and it is also the peak season with lots of tourists. So, if you fare of hot weather, it is recommended to travel to Yangshuo in May or September. The first week of October, which is the National Day Golden Week, is also the peak season. The hotel and transportation are intense. It is suggested to avoid traveling during this week.
What to Wear
Yangshuo County is the subtropical monsoon climate, with rich heat, rainfall and sunshine, mild and humid, with four distinct seasons. The Karst regions and low altitude areas in the county are long in summer and short in winter, while the northeast and southwest with high altitude are long in winter and short in summer, spring and autumn’s climate is moderate.
Travel to Yangshuo in early April, you’d better prepare a jacket to keep out the wind and keep warm. In May to June, which is the rain season, Yangshuo is rainy, wet, though the highest temperature is about 32. However, as it is very humid, the rainy season is stuffiness, and it is best to wear a cool and refreshing clothes. July to August is hot; you should pay attention to the sun block. It is best to wear flat shoes. Do not forget to bring anti-mosquito medicine.
Consumption Index
Yangshuo, because of its fame, there is no distinctive between peak and off seasons. Any weekend or a normal holiday is usually the reason people come here, not to mention the Golden Week, New Year, Chinese New Year and Christmas, these bigger festivals. The "Golden Week" period, visitors are more concentrated in hotels, restaurants, bars, and even the food stalls are full. Accommodation costs raises three to five times than the price at ordinary times, and other expenditures will be doubled.
If you travel to Yangshuo avoiding these festivals and golden weeks, 2 people’s for 5 days Yangshuo tour will just need 1000 to 2000 yuan.