Longji Rice Terraces Travel Useful Information

Longsheng Guilin are also prevailing dialect words, also contains local characteristics. This place features a dialect for newcomers to the outsiders, what is difficult to understand. But carefully try to figure out, you will find them interesting and laws.
No bank in the area, to prepare cash.
No hospital in the area, the need to have Longsheng County Hospital . Larger hospitals in Longsheng County People's Hospital , Longsheng County Maternal and Child Health Hospital , Longsheng County Hospital .
Longsheng County People 's Hospital
Address: Guilin , Longsheng County Shing Road on the 3rd
Contact 0773 -7512322
Arrival Transportation: take a taxi or car , the route : From the bus station to the south direction Longsheng County , traveling along Station Lane 20m, over to the left of traffic building , turn left into Xinglong Road ; along with Xing Long Road 4m, over on the left side of the BAUER appliances, the straight bridge ; along the bridge with 170m, turn left into Xinglong Road ; Xinglong Road running along the 70m, right turn into Shing Road ; along Shing Road traveling 90m, to reach the end ( on the road to the right )
Travel Safety
1 , there is a certain risk of drifting , pay special attention to their own safety , it is best to purchase tickets at designated , with " three cards" raft tour ;
2 , near the train station and bus station cohabitation, not exposed to large amounts of money to take good care of personal belongings .