What to do in Guilin

What to do in Guilin? Top Guilin Travel would like to recommend some popular activities and entertainments in Guilin for your reference. These are most popular one for tourists travel to Guilin. Hoping it will help you explore Guilin.

Enjoy the Li River Cruise

Guilin - Yangshuo
Duration: about half a day

Li River Cruise may be the necessary activity when in Guilin tours. From Zhujiang Pier in Guilin City to Yangshuo, the picturesque landscape will be presented in front of your eyes. The green hills are surrounding the Li River, and the Li River uses her arms to embrace the cruiser. This fantastic experience only can be got when you are standing on the ship deck.
Going downstream in a tourist boat, one can enjoy spectacular views of crowded towering peaks along the riverbanks, waterfalls suspending over forests of rocks, and their crashing sprays upon jutting rocks.
Recommended Guilin Tour: 5 Days Relaxing Tour to the Countryside (Attractions: Li River, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Seven Star Park, Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree)

Enjoy the Impression of Liusanjie

Location: Yangshuo County
Add: Located at the confluence of Li River and Tianjia River
Duration: 1 hour (daily 20:00)

Impression of Liu Sanjie is a large-scale landscape performance in a brand-new artistic style. During you Guilin Tour, you can tell us if you want to see the performance we will arrange for you.
The performance was invested by Guilin Guang Wei Tourism and Culture Ltd. and directed by famous directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge, Fan Yue. The producer is Mei Shuaiyuan, the head writer, founder of Chinese live-action performance.
Liusanjie is a fairy singer in the legend of the Zhuang minority group. There are many beautiful and moving stories about her. Impression of Liusanjie bases on legend and performs in live-action of the landscape in Yangshuo. The performance epitomizes the beauty of Li River and presents the culture and beautiful songs of ethnical people to audiences.

Hiking Along the Li River

Duration: full day
You can enjoy Li River's beauty in many ways and hiking is one of them to get a close contact with the natural scenery along Li River. Hiking fans should not miss this hiking route, because walk along the Li River can give a brand-new feeling and another anchor of the beauty of the Li River. The hiking experience will become you the over-lasting memory of your Guilin tour.
Itinerary: After breakfast, go to the Yangdi by bus from the hotel you stay in Guilin. Stop at the Yangdi Pier and start the hiking to Xingping Ancient Town along the Li River bank. Drive to Yangshou County from Xingping, and finish the journey.
Famous spots: Yangdi Pier, Langshi, Nine-horse Painting Hill, Yellow Cloth Shoal, Xiping Ancient Town.

Recommended Tour: 6 Days Li River and Longji Rice Terrace Hiking Tour (Attractions: Longji Rice Terrace Hiking, Li River Hiking, Moon Hill, and Big Banyan Tree)

Enjoy a Rafting on Yulong River

Yulong River in Yangshuo
Duration: half-day

Experiencing the Rafting on the Yangshuo Yulong River is exciting and interesting for all adults who are the traveling lovers. And the Yulong River always welcomes adventurers with her embrace.

The Yulong River is prone to sudden flooding which is one of the reasons why there are not more places to stay close by. This condition makes Yulong River as an ideal place for people to experience rafting.