The Great Shows in Guilin

Guilin is a popular travel destination domestically as well as abroad nowadays. It attracts thousands and thousands of tourists every year. While people travel to Guilin, they would like to know what shows to watch in Guilin. This article concludes some shows to introduce to you for reference.

Impression Liusanjie Night Show

Impression Liusanjie Night Show
is a highlight of Guilin tour, which can be regarded as a must-do activity when you travel to Guilin. Impression Liusanjie Night Show is directed by the famous film director Mr. Zhang Yi Mou in China. This live show is played at a landscape stay with the real water and hills as the background. The stay is just on the Li River. With the colorful lights and ethnic song and dance as well ethnic culture, it will deeply impress you while you are traveling in Guilin

Venue: Li River Landscape Theater, Yangshuo (阳朔漓江山水剧场)
Duration: 70 minutes (20:00-21:10)
Transportation Tips:
1. Walk from the entrance of West Street to the theatre via East Street for about 20 minutes
2. Take electric cart from the entrance of west street to the theatre for about 5-10 minutes, at RMB5-10 per person

Impression Liusanjie Show

Dreamlike Li River Show

Dreamlike Theater, Guilin (梦幻漓江剧院)
Add: Located No. 95, Seven Star Road (Qixing Road), Guilin
Duration: 80 mins

Dreamlike Li River Show is a large panoramic landscapes performance in Guilin which is boasted to becomparable with Las Vegas Show in United States. The performance is a perfect combination of ballet and acrobatics. The special stage and three-dimensional set with the performance of hundreds acrobats and ballet dancers’ performance will lead you to a magnificent dream of fantasy.

Dreamlike Li River Show

Mirage Guilin Theatrical Night Show

Venue: Li River Theater (漓江剧院)
Add: No. 12, Binjiang Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin (桂林滨江路12号)
Time: Daily 19:45
Duration: 1.5 hours

Mirage Guilin Night Show which is shown on Guilin Li River Theater daily is a fantastic acrobatic show with amazing colorful lights and special-design stage effect.
Inspired by the beautiful landscape and unique minority heritage of Guilin, and with extraordinary artistic design and state-of-the art special effects, the show presents a breathtaking entertainment experience to the audience.

Cormorant Fishing Show

Cormorant Fishing Show

Cormorant fishing was common in South China before. This way of fishing has been existing for hundreds of years. It becomes less with the advanced fishing gears nowadays. The birds do fishing much better at night than at daytime. Fishermen often put lights on their bamboo rafts while they use cormorant for fishing at night. It was only a scene of life before, but it comes a way to make extra income for the fishermen nowadays in the tourism industry because it is a rare opportunity to get a close look at the fishing and people always wonder how these birds can fish for people. Those who are interested will get the answer and experience when you book this cormorant finish show with us.

Our guide will bring you to board a local boat on Li River to the fishing spot, where the fish man will play the fishing show for you. The well-trained cormorants will dive into water to find fish and catch them. They are good at diving, so they can go under water for quite a long time. When they succeed in getting any fish, they will proudly swim back to the raft and show off to the fish man. The fish man usually award one or two small fish to encourage them. Of course, the birds also swallow the small fish they catch. However, they cannot eat those big fishes which they catch because a straw or rope tied around their necks. This is the way fishermen do fishing by cormorants. To some extent, it seems quite cruel and unfair to the birds. The poor but interesting birds work for man, not for themselves.

This show can be arranged in both Yangshuo and Guilin.