Longji Rice Terraces Travel Tips

Longji Rice Terraces is a scenic area including Jinkeng Village and Pingan Village. Pingan Zhuang Village’s rice terraces developed earlier than Jinkeng Village and Jinkeng Village’s rice terraces is more grand.
In Pingan Zhuang Village, and Jinkeng Red Yao Village, there are living Zhuang and Yao people representing difference cultures and customs. You can see the ethnic dancing and local costume, listen beautiful local songs, and experience local life and live in traditional houses.
There are 2 entrance of Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Area: Pingan Village, Longji Village and Dazhai Village. There are buses from Guilin to each entrance. Tourists could choose themselves. If you want to back to Guilin downtown, you should leave the scenic area before 15:00.
1. When you hiking in the scenic areas, there are many forks in the road and narrow path. You must hiking along the stone path and if you do not know which way to go, stop and ask local villagers.
2. If you have heavy luggage, you can consign at the entrance of the scenic area, which is about 30 Yuan for each piece. For the luggage you want to take into the scenic area, there are local people who can guide and carry for you, and you should talk the price with them first.
3. It is better to go there before or in the golden week of National Day, as after the golden week, the rice is harvest and the scenery is not so beautiful. 
4. As there are more and more people travel to Pingan Village, you should take about the price in advance of everything.
The ticket of Longji Rice Terraces is 80 Yuan per person including Pingan Village and Dazhai Jinkeng Village. The ticket is available to another village in 2 days. In addition, for children who are not taller than 1.4 m, the ticket is free. People with student ID card, military officer card and reporter card is 60 yuan / person. Tickets are made ​​in a postcard style. Entering0 Huangluo Yao Village (Red Yao Long Hair Village), there is another ticket, 60 yuan / person. Opening Hours 8:30 am-17: 30.