What to eat in Yangshuo

Guilin Rice Noodle
In Yangshuo or Guilin, the must-eat food is Guilin Rice Noodle. There are lots of rice noodle stalls or restaurant in Yangshuo. The rice noodle is delicious with meat soup, soya beans, pickled radish, acid kidney bean and other snacks, which can be added according to one’s personnel taste. 
Beer Fish
Travelling to Yangshuo, Beer Fish is a must eat cuisine. It is the famous local dish in Yangshuo. The fish is Li River fish. Selecting fresh fish and do not scrape scales, fry it with oil in the pan, deep fry on both sides into golden color, then just only stew with beer, and then add soy sauce, pepper and other seasonings, and cover and simmer until tasty.
Yangshuo 18 Liang
Liang, or called stuffed food, is a kind of dishes of south China people. It is to simply chop granular minced meat, mixing with spices, ginger and other spices, then stuffed in different carrier, and it becomes a different Liang the. Yangshuo has "Eighteen Liang", including escargot stuffed, stuffed tofu, stuffed naringin, stuffed bamboo shoots, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed pumpkin flowers, stuffed eggs, stuffed bitter gourd, and stuffed eggplant, stuffed peppers and so on.
Ban Fish hot spots
Picturesque Li River breeds delicious Ban Fish. The hot pot made of natural Ban Fish is very popular in Yangshuo as Beer Fish, and become signature dishes.
Osmanthus Soup
Yangshuo’s famous snack osmanthus lotus soup looks a bit like Beijing's tea soup. It just adds more peanuts, sesame seeds, lotus seeds and other things. It taste smooth and sweet, very popular among girls.
Osmanthus Sweet Soup Balls
Osmanthus sweet soup balls’ making method is extremely elegant. First, adding the right amount of glutinous rice flour with the water, honey, and then rub evenly into paste. Make small uniform dough. Stuffed the dough, and then boil with ginger syrup.
Glutinous rice food has various kinds. There are bean Zongzi, chestnut Zongzi, lotus seed paste Zongzi… The chestnut Zongzi is most popular.
Yangshuo Baba
Yangshuo Baba mostly glutinous rice flour as raw material and some also use sorghum, corn, buckwheat, and stuffed with peanut, sesame paste, printing auspicious patterns, with Shatian pomelo leaf under it. Steam it. It tastes sweet and not sticking.