The Top Hiking Routes in Guilin

Guilin is a charming city in South China with its pretty and unparalleled natural view. Because of the fascinating landscape and beautiful weather condition, Guilin is suitable for hiking. This article is going to recommend you some good hiking route to enrich your Guilin tour.

Hiking Along Li River

It is said that the landscape in Guilin is the most beautiful under heaven, while the best Li River view is at Xingping. The highlights of Li River are along the river from Yangdi to Xingping, which is also the hiking route. It is around 20 km and takes about 5-6 hours depending on your energy. Walking along the country path at the bank of the River, enjoying the fascinating natural view, playing with water and closing to the nature, you will find it a wonderful trip.

Distance: 15-20 km (5-6 hours)
Intensity: Leisure, suitable for ordinary tourists
Route feature: classic, good natural scenery
Best time: March-November

Li River Hiking

Hiking in Longji Rice Terraces

Although it is not as famous as Yangshuo and Li River, Longji Rice Terraces is also a good place for hiking with its magnificent view and unique ethnic culture. You could choose to hike at Jinkeng Rice Terrace (around Dazhai Village) or at Longji Rice Terraces (around Ping An Zhuang Village and Ancient Zhuang Village).
Besides, you could also hike from Dazhai to Ping An to enjoy the wonders in both sites.

Distance: appro 15 km (about 4 hours)
Intensity: Medium
Best Time: April-October

Longji Rice Terraces Hiking

Walking in the City of Guilin

Compared with the metropolis like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, ect, Guilin is a fairly small city, leisure and suitable for living. Instead of joining in bus tour, you can choose to explore it on foot by visiting the highlights of the city.
Suggested route: Waterfall Hotel-Elephant Trunk Hill-Shanhu Lake (Sun & Moon Towers)-Yangqiao Bridge-Ronghu Lake-Ancient South Gate of City Wall (Gunanmen)-Yingbinqiao Bridge-Baoxianqiao Bridge-Fengbei Road-Jingjiang Prince’s Mansion of Ming Dynasty (Solitary Beauty Peak)-Fubo Hill Park-Along Li River to Library Bridge –Back to your hotel
Intensity: Leisure
Suitable time: all the year round
Note: For this route, you can also rent a bicycle to make it a biking tour.

Guilin City View

Yangshuo Countryside Hiking

Except Li River and Impression Liusanjie Night Show, Yangshuo countryside is always the highlights of a trip to Yangshuo, which can be the representative of countryside of South China, with picturesque view, consisting of green hills, clear Yulong River, ancient bridge and villages, rice fields, tranquil villages, ect
Suggested route: Yangshuo-Bus-Yulong Bridge-walking downstream-Jiuxian Village-Xiatang-Yima-Chaoyang-Mountain Retreat-Gongnong Bridge-Bus-Yangshuo

Intensity: Leisure
Suitable Time: all the year round
Note: For this route, you can also rent a bicycle to make it a biking tour.

The above hiking routes are popular and recommended to tourists. To be honest, for local, they have many great hiking routes in the counties nearby. The above suggested routes will make you a totally different Guilin tour. They are suitable for individual travelers and also suitable for some student group.

Yangshuo Countryside Trip