Vegetarian Restaurants in Guilin

As more and more people pursue healthy life, more and more people like vegetarian food. We are going to introduce some vegetarian restaurants while they are traveling to Guilin.

Yue Ya Lou Restaurant(月牙楼)
Yue Ya Lou is a well-known restaurant in Guilin, which is located Seven Star Park, surrounded by green trees, with traditional decoration and great natural view.

Yue Ya Lou is not only a restaurant, but also a banquet hall or viewing tower. The dining halls on the 1st floor and 2nd floor are used for tourism groups to have meals. Besides, there are some compartments on the 3rd floor for vegetarian food. Having meals at Yue Ya Lou, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of Seven Star Park.

The main food in this restaurant is vegetarian food. It is the largest vegetarian restaurant in Guilin. The Vegetarian Noodle is the special dish in Yue Ya Lou Restaurant. Recently, Yue Ya Lou launches buffet vege meal for tourism groups. Many tourists from Janpan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand come here for its vegetarian food.

Nengren Temple Vege Food
Nengren Temple is located at Li Jun Road in Guilin, which is a largest temple in the city and famous temple in this area. The vegetarian food in this temple is also well-known in Guilin.

An Xiang Shu Ying Vegetarian Restaurant
An Xiang Shu Ying is a quiet and elegant restaurant, located at the West Street of Yangshuo, traditionally decorated with various tea sets. The vegetarian food in this restaurant is cooked with different vegetables and tofu. They do not use any imitation meat. The food tastes fresh and less oil.

Tian Fu Lou Vegetarian Restaurant
Tian Fu Lou Vegetarian Restaurant is located in Mulonghu Lake Scenic Area in the city center, covering an area of 888 square meters. The restaurant is designed as a 3-story building, integrating environment protection, health and regimen, recreation, incense, tea and arts. This restaurant features the food from different areas of China. The chefs cook different food according to the characteristics of different ingredients, but keep the natural flavor of each fresh vegetable. It is a good places for enjoy a vegetarian banquet.