Li River Travel Tips

Li River Scenic Area is the world’s largest and most beautiful Karst landscape recreational area in China. Li River, running 83 km from Guilin to Yangshuo, is the most typical Karst topography district northeast of Guangxi. Li River is the must-see highlight in a Guilin, such a place with the most beautiful landscape under heaven.

Li River

How to visit Li River?

Generally speaking, there are 3 ways to visit the unparalleled view along Li River.

►By Li River Cruise Boat
Li River cruise boat is a recommendable way for you to enjoy the wonderful view of Li River.
There are 2 cruise terminals for the cruise boats from Guilin to Yangshuo. One is Mopanshan Cruise Terminal and the other is Zhujiang Cruise Terminal. Both are about 30 km from the city center of Guilin. Mopanshan Cruise Terminal is generally used for domestic passengers to check in the cruise boat. Well, Zhujiang Cruise Terminal is built for foreign passenger to check in their boat to Yangshuo.

Li River Cruise
►By Bamboo Rafts Between Yangdi and Xingping

The section of Li River between Yangdi and Xingping is the essence part between Guilin and Yangshuo. Therefore, the local government allows some locals to run the business of rafting between Yangdi and Xingping under the local government’s management. One raft allows to take maximum 4 passengers. Many domestic passengers choose this way to enjoy the beauty of Li River instead of the cruise boat from Guilin, but not suitable for low-aged children and seniors for safety.

►On foot
For those tourists who love hiking, they might choose to trek from Yangdi to Xingping for around 5 hours. At first, take local bus from Guilin to Yangdi, then walk along the Li River to Xingping. Then choose local bus to Yangshuo.

What to attractions during Li River trip?

►Crown Cave

Guilin Crown Cave is a magnificent karst cave at Caoping village, at the bank of Li River, about 29 km from Guilin. It is reputed as “Li River Pearl”. The Crown Cave scenic area covers an area about 4000 hectares. The scenic area integrates natural scenes, meeting and holiday facilities, and accommodation and dining service into a comprehensive resort area in Guilin.

►Nine Horses Painted Hill

Go upstream from Xingping on Li River Cruise, there is a hill surrounding by hills in three sides while facing to the river. The cliff of the hill is formed by colorful stones so that it is looked like a painting screen in a far distance. Because of these characters, it is called Painted Hill. This hill is famous for the nine horses painted by the nature. In this 400-meter-high and 200-meter-wide hill, there are nine horses on the cliff which is regarded as a painting screen.

Li River View

►Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal in Li River

Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal in Li River is one of the highlights in Li River Cruise. Located in the area of Xingping Ancient Town, cruise ship will enter into a wider water area after the Painted Hill of Nine Horses.

►Xingping Ancient Town

Xingping Ancient Town has been existed for a long time since the Three Kingdom Period. It belongs to Xiping County at that time, which become Yangshuo county.

Best Time to Visit Li River
The best time to visit Li River is from April to October, which is also the peak season. As the climate is comfortable during this period, there are many tourists and the hotel and transportation will also tight, and the price is higher than off season. You could also choose off season to appreciate the beauty of Li River slowly and leisurely.

Li River View

Transportation from Guilin downtown to Li River Cruise Terminals
There isn’t any public bus from Guilin downtown to Li River Cruise Terminal. Therefore, tourists could choose to take taxi or book the group Li River cruise tour with local agency, which includes pick-up and drop-off. Taxi costs about CNY70-80 per way per taxi.

1. Li River Cruise tickets are requested to issue in the morning of the day before the cruise. Therefore, when you decide to take the Li River Cruise, it is better to book it 2 days in advance. It is hard to buy cruise tickets at the cruise terminals.
2. The Li River Cruise may start from Yangdi pier in low flow season (winter), but it depends.
3. The Li River Cruise tickets includes one Chinese lunch on board and food is just ordinary.
4. Guilin Tourism Consulting Service Center Telephone: +86 773 280 0318
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