What to do in Yanghsuo

Yangshuo is the famous county belonging to Guilin due to its unparalleled landscape in China , which is about 65 km from Guilin Downtown. Yangshuo has a long history of more than 1,400 years since 590 AD. It became well-know since the film of Liu San Jie was shown, which was shot in Yangshuo. When people travel to Guilin and visit to Yangshuo, what to do in Yangshuo become a question. How do you enjoy your Yangshuo tour? Lets tell you the things to do in Yangshuo as below,


If you like water sports, rafting in Yangshuo is the activity you should not miss. Especially in the summer, the fast and exciting rafting will give you a quite different trip, but the slow and leisure rafting will make you feel boating in a painting. In Yangshuo, there are currently 3 formal drifting routes, Longjing River rafting, Rafting along Li River from Nine Horse Painting Hill to Xingping as well as Yulong River rafting.

Longjing River Rafting is a kind of active and exciting rafting, which is suitable for youth people. 2 persons share a rubber dinghy, rafting along a turbulent stream.

Rafting along Li River from Nine Horse Painting Hill to Xingping is another way to enjoy the essence of Li River. 4 persons sharing a bamboo raft which is driven through a diesel engine by an experience local. It is not as comfortable as the cruise by a cruise boat, but it is more local and cheaper if you are a group of 4 persons. But it is not suitable for a family with children and seniors for safety.

Yulong River Rafting
is relatively slower and more leisure, which is suitable for visitor over 3 years old and below 70 years old. You will feel you are in a landscape painting when you take this rafting along Yulong River in Yangshuo countryside.

Yulong River Rafting

Watch Impression of Liu Sanjie

Impression of Liu Sanjie is large real landscape performance on Li River, with the real hill and river view as the stage, directed by Zhang Yimou (Zhang Yimou Impression series), Wang Chaoge, Fan Yue. It used 5 and a half years to make and prepare for the performance. It is regarded as the must-see performance in Yangshuo with good review from the most of the clients.

The Impression Show of Liusanjie

Yangshuo Countryside tour

A trip to explore Yangshuo countryside is the must-do thing for those tourist to Yangshuo. The countryside of Yangshuo is the representative of countryside in South China, tranquil, beautiful. It is suitable for quite residence. Many foreign visitors choose to stay in Yangshuo after they visit this place.
You could choose to rent a bicycle to ride from one village to another or measure it on your foot in the countryside.No matter which way you choose, you could appreciate the pretty scenery in Yangshuo.

Besides, if you like outdoor activities, you can take rock climbing, cave exploration, hiking in the countryside or kayaking in Li River. Yangshuo is the heaven of outdoor activities.

Yangshuo Countryside

Visit Silver Cave

Silver Cave Scenic Area is the representative of Guilin landscapes with green hills, crystal river, grasslands and green trees. The silver cave is located in the scenic area surrounded by beautiful scenery. The scenic area is also the site for some annually local festivals such as flowers festival, taro festival, bicycle race and rock-climbing races. With these activities, the area is also a ethnic cultural attraction.

Silver Cave

Stroll along West Street

Since the early 1970s, Yangshuo opened to foreign tourists. Many oversea friends come to the amazing street after appreciating the beauty of Li River. More and more foreign tourists came to this street since than and the street seems to be the rest harbor for them.There are bars, restaurants, handcrafts shops, Chinese painting and Calligraphy shops and some other shops decorated in both Chinese and Western styles.

Yangshuo West Street