How to Get to Longji Terrace Fields from Guilin

Longji Terrace Fields Scenic Area is well-known in China due to the beautiful scenery of the magnificent fields and unique minority culture. It is in Heping County of Longsheng County. Longji is a broad geographic term. Longji means backbone of dragon. It is named because ancient residences here thought they are just like living on the backbone of dragon as they are living in the high mountainous area. Liji Terrace Fields Scenic Area includes Jinzhu, Huangluo, Longji, Pingyan and Dazhai as well as Xiaozhai, Xinzhai, ect some minority villages and the surrounding terrace fields.

The Distance to Guilin and Longsheng County
Guilin-Longji Terrace Fields Scenic Area: 77 km
Longsheng County-Longji Terrace Fields Scenic Area: 16 km

How to get to Longji Terrace Fields from Guilin?
► Public Transportation
♦ Tourism Shuttle Bus
There are shuttle buses from Guilin Railway Station (South Station) Square to Jinkeng Dazhai Terrace Fields every day in high and shoulder season. The bus fare is around RMB40 per person per way. But it need you book hotel/guesthouse accommodation in Dazhai village first. Then you could request the hotel or guesthouse to book the bus ticket for you. The departure time from Guilin is at 08:00, 08:30, 09:30, 13:00 and 15:00.

♦ Public bus
1) Non-stop bus: Guilin Qintan Bus Station-Longsheng County Bus Station
     Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
     Bus Schedule: 07:00-19:00, depart every 40 minutes
     Bus fare: RMB30 per person per way

2) Ordinary bus: Guilin Qintan Bus Station-Longsheng County Bus Station
    Bus Timing: 06:10-17:00
    Bus fare: RMB24 per person per way
    Duration: depends on how many times it stops. It often stops wherever or whenever someone get on or get off the bus.

When arriving at Longsheng County Bus Station, tourists need to change local bus from county to Longji Terrace Fields ( Dazhai Village or Pingan Village).

1) Ordinary bus: Longsheng County Bus Station –Dazhai Parking Lot
     Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
     Time Schedule: 07:00-17:00, depart every 20 minutes
     Bus fare: RMB10 per person per way

2) Ordinary bus: Longsheng County Bus Station-Pingan Parking Lot
     Duration: 1 hour
     Bus fare: RMB10 per person per way
     Bus Schedule (Longsheng-Pingan): 07:30, 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00
     Bus Schedule (Pingan- Longsheng): 07:20, 08:50, 13:00, 15:00, 16:30

When tourists get off at Pingan Parking Lot, they will need to walk to Pingan Village for around 20 minutes.

Note: If you take ordinary bus from Guilin to Longsheng County, you could choose to stop and get off at the Heping Town Junction. Then wait for the bus from Longsheng to Dazhai or Pingan. The buses between Longsheng county and Dazhai or Pingan stop once passenger wave hands on the roadside.

►Join in One Day Longji Terrace Fields Tour with local travel agency
This is a way which is convenient and costs less. You could book a one day Longji Terrace Fields Tour with local travel agency. Then you will not worry about the language-block and the bothers to buy bus tickets and transit buses. There is also English-speaking guide service. The tour cost is only USD86 per person with round way transfer, guide service, entrance fee and one Chinese lunch.

►Private transfer by rent a car or taxi from Guilin
This way is also convenient, but it is also the most expensive way. If you are 2 persons, it will take more than USD120 per car per day (8 hours) from Guilin to Longsheng and back. If you will stay in Longji for one night, the price will be much higher. Besides, the driver cannot communicate in English and tourists also need to buy your own entrance fee to the scenic area and prepare their own meals. Therefore, it is not suggested to foreign visitors.

When you get to Longji Terrace Fields from Guilin, we suggest you take the first 2 ways, which are more affordable and practical for individual tourists.

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