Longsheng Longji Rice Terrace

Longji Rice Terrace is a popular attraction for oversea travelers. It is located in Longsheng County and Pingan Zhuang Village of Pingxian Township, about 100km away from Guilin City.

Longji Rice Terrace was first cultivate in Yuan Dynasty and was completed in the early Qing Dynasty. With a history of more than 700 years, the terrace now is still using for growing rice. It is hard to imagine that more than 800 years ago how the first group of Zhuang and Yao people moved here and cultivated the first piece of field. From Yuan to the early Qing, about 650 years, the ancestors could not imagine that the fields they cleared with sweat and life became the terrace that so amazing with charming curves.
The scenic area of Longji Rice Terrace covers 66 square km with a altitude around 300m to 1100m. The grade of most slopes are around 26°and 35°. Some reaches 50°. From the bottom to the top of hills, small hills looks like snails while huge ones like pagodas, tier upon tier. Looking from above, graceful curves of the terrace parallel or cross, are so fascinating.
The scenes here are different in each season. In spring, water filling the fields like strings of silver chains among hills; in summer, seedings shows their green color, green waves flowing from the sky; in autumn, the dropping ears of rice promise good harvest; in winter, layers of snows blanket the terraces, making the hills like jade pagodas.