Best Time to Visit China

It is hard to say which month or season is the best time to visit China because of the vast land. From the frozen months to the hottest months, different parts of China will show people different charms of this country.
Generally, except some special destinations such as Harbin, the recommended months to travel in China are from April to October. During this period, the weather in most parts of China is comfortable. It provides a good condition to take beautiful photos.
Here we provide general information to help you planning your China tours:
The north part of China
The cold winter may cause a comparative unsatisfied travel in this region, but people like to experience world of snow can consider about this area. Try to avoid the spring time to come here. The sandstorm will make you loose moods to travel around. Summers and autumns are the golden time to visit, plentiful rainfalls fresh the air while the splendid scenery will represent their highlights during these seasons.
The central parts of China
According to the weather situation in this region, we suggest that June through August is a good time to visit central. Although the spring and autumn days are good choices to come, please remember to avoid the peak time that cause by Chinese tourists in some destinations.
The southern parts of China
Due to the high temperatures in southern parts of China, spring and autumn are the best months for travel in this region. In spring period, warm air, green trees and colorful flowers make the areas vigorous. In autumn days, the cool air, clean rivers and grand mountains impress people deeply
To those tourists who prefer adventurous tours, the shoulder season (around March and April) and the low season (from November through the winter months) are rewarded to come with unbelievably low prices and far fewer fellow tourists.
And one of the most important things is that do not hesitate to discuss with our travel advisors. Their professional suggestions will help you to work out a better itinerary with a favorable quotation.