What is an independent private tour?

Generally speaking, an independent private tour package is a production which is consisted of all the factors about your travel in China. We provide various tour packages. And all of them may include the following factors:
  • Your domestic transportation fares such as air tickets, train tickets or the vehicle fees specified in the itineraries
  • Your private drivers and guides when traveling in China
  • Specified meals when traveling in China
  • Specified hotels for you to accommodate in China
  • Specified attractions for your sightseeing in China

Independent private tours in Top China Travel are mainly divided into tow kinds, one is the China tour and the other one is the single city tour.
A China independent private tour is a tour with more than one destination in China. If you book one of the TCT China tours, you can savor the vast China in a short time. The charms in different places will make your China tour memorable.
A single city independent private tour is a tour with one destination in China. You can get a further touch with one of the Chinese city. The culture, the local daily life, the unique customs and the special architectures in the city will all be represented to you if you try to join this kind of tour.