Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill is located in the northeast Guilin City. It is well-known as the "Wonderland on Wave" as its foot is half in water of Li River and half on land. The Hill also named Wave-Curbing Hill hence the cave on the east foot of the hill curbs the river stream and forming a deep pool. There is a garden at the south foot of the Fubo Hill. The garden is a quite interesting place with full of bamboos, palm trees and flower.

A stone path leads you in from the southern side of the hill. At the half height of the hill, there is a terrace for sight-seeing. From here you can see the old Man Hill to the northwest and you can even distinguish the brow and beard as the hill was very life-like. The way from the terrace to the top of the hill is narrow and steep which is comparable with the path of the West Peak in the Hua Mountain. Brave ones can find the climbing interesting by conquer the steep hill.

Pearl-Returning Cave is located at the foot of the Fubo Hill. The Cave looks like a labyrinth with many side-caves. In the cave, there is a stalactite column which is thick on the top and tapering at the downwards. It hangs from the ceiling of the cave. The space between the ground and the column is so narrow that seems to be the result of a cut of sword, and this is why it also named Sword Testing Stone. Passing through the Sword Testing Stone, you will see the Thousand Buddha Cave which boasts over 200 Buddha’s statues made during the Tang Dynasty.