Seven Star Park

Seven Star Park is the largest park covering an area of 134 hectares situated on the east bank of the Li River. Major spots in the park include Camel Hill, Seven Star Cave, Flower Bridge, Crescent Hill, Putuo Hill, Guihai Stele Forest and others.

On the main gateway to the park lies the elegant Flower Bridge. It was originally constructed in the Song Dynasty and later was renovated in Ming Dynasty. The bridge was surrounded by flaming wide flowers when spring coming in ancient times, hence the name. But unfortunately, now visitors can not find any, since the flowers reduced greatly in Qing Dynast.
There is a fantastical cave in the park-Seven Star Cave. It is a typical karst cave with many stalactites and stalagmites. With decoration of lights, the cave is really an eye-dazzling spot that you should not miss.